Gents & Belts

Gents & Belts silver

Ventura-founder Pierre Nobs developed the G&B belt out of frustration when he was unable to find a high-quality product on the market. The ten precision parts of the G&B Belt buckles are forged of solid stainless steel, lathed, milled and assembled according to watch-making standards. Unlike with the arcane «pin-in-hole» system, a high-tech construction gently squeezes it at any desired size and lengthens the lifecycle of leather considerably. The buckle’s timeless design in the classic proportions of the «golden rectangle» is free of any idle decoration or logo.

In 2009, the JIDA Design Museum in Tokyo selected the G&B Belt to become part of its permanent Collection.

A G&B Belts is the ultimate accessory for any owner of a Ventura timepiece and thus an ideal present. (Lady, you heard this!)